The Richardson Dilworth Award for Distinguished Public Service

Mayor Michael A. Nutter established the Richardson Dilworth Award for Distinguished Public Service in Philadelphia in 2011. The award is designed to recognize the contributions of outstanding public employees whose work performance embodies excellence in public service. The award is named after former Mayor Richardson Dilworth. Mayor Dilworth, 91st Mayor of Philadelphia from 1956-1962, epitomized the highest values and performance that we seek to honor in today’s public servants through this prestigious award. He tirelessly worked to reform city government and instill the highest level of integrity and a strong sense of responsibility as a steward of the public trust and taxpayers’ hard earned dollars. If you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding commitment and professionalism as a Philadelphia public service employee, please nominate them for this award.

Nominations for the 2014/2015 Award are now closed. Check back in February 2015 to learn about the winners! 

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"Philadelphia's city government employees make important contributions to our city every day. I've created this award to honor those outstanding public employees whose commitment and professionalism demonstrate the best in public service."

Mayor Michael A. Nutter


"I am honored to co-chair the esteemed selection panel for the Richardson Dilworth award. Richardson Dilworth was a fearless leader of Philadelphia who believed in and advocated for real opportunities for public employees. The recipient of this award in his name exemplifies this great tradition."

Joseph Jacovini, Dilworth Paxson LLP


The Richardson Dilworth Award program is generously supported by:

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